Nov 122012

Welcome to the Glassmen Alumni Association website. If you experience any technical errors, please contact us.

Our mission:

The Glassmen Alumni Association exists to preserve the history of our corps, support the current efforts of our corps, and ensure the continued legacy of our corps within the drum corps community.

Our vision:

Preserve the history of our corps by:

  • Collecting and archiving photos, videos, audio and stories from each chapter of the Glassmen story
  • Fostering cross-generational connections between former members, staff, volunteers, and fans

Support our current performers by:

  • Establishing fund-raising efforts to help preserve the Glassmen experience
  • Developing outreach strategies for connecting with current members and expanding alumni involvement in volunteer activities

Ensure our continued legacy by:

  • Promoting our corps at local events across the country throughout the year
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All Glassmen alumni who have performed for at least one season are welcome to  join us in our efforts. Log in today!

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