Dec 172012

The Glassmen Alumni Association hosted a holiday party for the members Saturday, December 16, at G-West.

548861_10100937244840828_1450820820_nA group of alumni, including a handful of 2012 age-outs, decorated the Corps Store and coordinated snacks and drinks. During the party, members and alumni enjoyed watching old Glassmen performances together. More than 100 additional alumni who sent in their names to be included on snowflakes were there in spirit.

The alumni also assisted the rest of the volunteers throughout the weekend on various projects. Volunteer Coordinator Helen Tyrybon called the group of volunteers the best she’s worked with.

Alumni present were:

Erin Carr, Brian Clark, Melani Hutchings, Chris Martin, Alex Moran, Jenny Porter Tilley, Tijl Vander Muelen, Ryan Murphy, Kim (Waller) Nash, David Nees, Alex Pare, Dawn Studebaker, Liz Von Allman, Allen Wagner and Julie Zajac.

Photos from G-West:

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