Jan 052013

A letter from Director George Hopkins to anyone who was auditioning for the 2013 Glassmen:

We are sorry that the Glassmen have decided not to field a corps in 2013.

For those who have attended a Glassmen rehearsal, we are offering the following one-time waiver of audition fees.

If you attend The Cadets’ rehearsals on January 18-20, we will charge no registration fee, a savings of $100.00.

At this point, The Cadets still have brass positions available for in all sections except the mellophone section. The percussion section is full, and we are most interested in any individuals interested in the colorguard.

We strongly suggest that if you are at all interested in The Cadets, you contact Melissa Barlow as soon as possible.

The Cadets are on a no-winter rehearsal schedule, and all that remains for us is:

January 18-20 (brass and percussion)
March 8-10 (percussion only)
April 26-28 (brass, percussion and colorguard)
Move-in is May 15th.

Again, if you are at all interested in attending a camp, please contact Melissa today at Melissa@yea.org!


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