Jan 052013

To The Glassmen,

This is Chris Romanowski, Percussion Caption Head and Arranger for Atlanta CV All Age Corps. Over the past few years as a DCI percussion judge, I’ve had the pleasure of having the best seat in the house for your performances over the summer, and I am saddened to hear of the loss of the Glassmen for 2013. I wish you the best as you reorganize and look forward to seeing you on the field in the near future!

Atlanta CV All Age Corps is still in the audition process for all sections. We had the largest turn out ever for our first camp, and plan to field a full corps this season. Our percussion section just purchased all new instruments and can field up to 10 snares, 5 quads, 5 basses and 14 front ensemble, and feel we will do just that. We would like to field 65+ horns as well, and are very close.

We have not set anything yet, but plan to begin setting spots next weekend and finish in February. If you are within range of our organization, we would love to help you out for this summer!

Feel free to email me at romo.cvdrums@gmail.com for information on all sections.

Best wishes to the Glassmen in this difficult time, and see you again soon!

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