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We checked in with Glassmen veteran Adam Schrock, who recently found a new home for the 2013 tour season. Join the Glassmen Alumni Association this summer as we cheer on the new Blue Devils drum major, along with other former Glassmen on the field with other corps.

In the small Indiana town of Frankfort, Clinton Prairie High School percussionist Adam Schrock had his first taste of drum corps.

Adam Schrock with the Glassmen in 2012.

Assistant Drum Major Adam Schrock with the Glassmen in 2012.

Every summer, Adam looked forward to the few days the Glassmen were housed at his high school on tour. Usually, he said, he’d hunt down the drumline in the afternoons, then come back for evening ensemble rehearsals.

“It was the high-intensity and volume that really drew me to marching corps,” Adam said. Specifically, he was drawn to the Glassmen. “I quickly determined that this was the corps for me.”

Adam spent the 2011 season marching snare for the Pioneer drumline. That fall, he made the trip from Muncie, where he attends Ball State University studying Actuarial Science, to northern Ohio for his first Glassmen audition. After a few camps of vying for a drumline spot, he was asked to audition for drum major. He retired his sticks and, as a result, found himself in front of a hornline for the first time.

Although he had no prior experience conducting, he told himself to “be confident and own everything I do in front of the corps.” He knew he was going to make mistakes, but that he had to maintain his composure and learn as he went. “No one was expecting me to be as good as (drum major) Wyatt in that moment, but they were expecting me to be in total control.”

After a year as assistant drum major, Adam was set to return to the Glassmen as head drum major. When he found out the Glassmen would be inactive for 2013, he had yet another decision to make about his future in the drum corps activity.

Adam had always planned to age out as a member of the Glassmen, but his dedication to the activity set his new plan in motion. He immediately began e-mailing other corps to find a spot. Eventually, he was invited to the call-back camp for the Blue Devils and bought a plane ticket to San Francisco.

At his first Blue Devils camp, he felt very welcomed by the members and staff, who were sympathetic of the plight of Glassmen members. “I definitely think people respected me for my experience and for overcoming an unfortunate situation,” he said.

This summer, Adam hopes to run into other Glassmen vets on the road and advises them to send out as many e-mails as possible to look for a spot. “Find the corps that have spots and are interested in your talents and experience; then choose the one that seems the best fit for you.”

Check out the DCI tour schedule and help us cheer Adam on in 2013. Other veterans who have found a spot for this season are encouraged to let us know.

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