Executive Committee

Established 11/7/12

Members: Jamison Eige (President), Brian Clark (Vice President), Jenny Porter Tilley (Secretary), Elizabeth Von Allmen (Treasurer)

Web & Social Media Committee

Established 11/10/12

Members: Kyle Snavely, Jenny Porter Tilley, Chris Ortleib, Kevin Gamin, Erin Carr, Tim Zajac

Fundraising Committee

Established 11/16/12

Members: Dawn Lechleitner Studebaker, Elizabeth Tallmage Von Allman, Allison Enright, Bob Morgan, Kim Nash, Jenny Porter Tilley

Event Committee

Established 11/16/12

Members: Click here for a list of alumni ambassadors.

    • If you are interested in serving as an ambassador and planning events in your area, please let us know!
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