The Glassmen Alumni Association exists to preserve the history of our corps and ensure the continued legacy of our corps within the drum corps community. Glassmen Alumni Association prohibits the abuse of fundraising by its members. Glassmen Alumni Association will cooperate with authorities in the enforcement of all applicable laws.

Fundraising is defined as the collection of money through donations, sales and/or event programming for the purposes of charitable donation or organizational budget enhancement.

This policy has been established to protect the integrity of the Glassmen Alumni Association, encourage positive behavior and enhance the community commitment of the Glassmen Alumni Association.


The following guidelines are applicable to all fundraising activities:

SPONSOR REQUIREMENTS: An official member of the Glassmen Alumni organization must sponsor the fundraising activity.

PURPOSE: The fundraising activity is required to benefit the efforts of the Glassmen Alumni Association and be consistent with the mission. The purpose for which the funds will be raised must be consistent with the purpose of the Glassmen Alumni Association’s current campaign and needs.

RESPONSIBILITY: Sponsoring Alumni Association members are responsible for ensuring that proposed activities comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws.  The fundraising activity must not violate legal, tax or corporate restraints upon the Glassmen Alumni Association and or its Board of Directors.

FUNDS: All funds raised must be deposited into the Glassmen Alumni Association business account. The fundraising committee and the Treasurer should monitor the correct distribution of funds.

MARKETING: A clearly labeled sign indicating the Glassmen Alumni Association as the organization being supported should occupy all printed marketing materials, social media campaigns and event locations.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Glassmen Alumni Association reserves the right to require third parties participating in or conducting fundraising activities to meet additional requirements, including that such parties furnish evidence of insurance coverage acceptable to the university and/or agree to indemnify the Glassmen Alumni Association and its Board of Directors against liabilities arising from their acts or omissions.

SPONSOR APPROVAL: Glassmen Alumni Association reserves the right to approve the identity of any proposed sponsor and the content of sponsorship materials associated with a fundraising activity.

EVENT SHUTDOWN: Glassmen Alumni Association reserves the right to disband any and all fundraising events held on its behalf without notice.

ACCURATE REPRESENTATION: The sponsoring member is responsible for accurate representation of the recipient organization to the donors and due diligence in seeing that the donated funds are used as represented.

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: The sponsoring member planning the event is responsible for all costs incurred in connection with the event, other than those borne by the charitable organization.  All expenses should come out of the collected funds raised from the event.   The Glassmen Alumni Association will not front funds for Fundraising events unless otherwise noted in writing.

FUNDS COLLECTION: Sponsoring member is responsible for funds collection and the safe handling of all money.  Sponsoring member will issue a check or money order to the treasurer for the amount of funds raised.

IMPORTANT DATES: Establish a pick-up date and clearly list goods and information required for collection.

BUDGET DEVELOPMENT: Before sponsoring members make an appointment to speak with someone in the fundraising committee about fundraising needs and plans, sponsoring members should develop a current fundraising plan and budget.

TAX DEDUCTIONS: Donors that require a donation receipt should speak with the fundraising chairperson or treasurer to discuss options.

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