Board of Directors Meeting (July 2014)


Glassmen Alumni Association Board of Directors Meeting
9:13 p.m. Monday, July 14

Members present by Skype

Kyle Snavely*
Jamison Eige
Brian Clark
Liz Von Allmen
Dawn Studebaker
Erin Carr
Ed Meckes
Chris Ortleib (9:29 p.m.)
Kim Nash (9:30 p.m.)

*proxy for Jenny Porter Tilley

Not present
Mike Terranova
Jenny Porter Tilley

New business

  • Glassmen 1975 reel to reel donated to corps: Dawn will contact Tom Sink to find out if they are in his possession and if they have been dubbed.
  • Sandra Clark: It was reported that Sandra Clark, former Glassmen Board of Directors member, has passed away. Board will send flowers; Liz will handle.
  • Discussion of modifying bylaws to meet needs of evolving board. Committee will address membership qualifications to add more individuals outside of our alumni base. Dawn and Liz spearheading committee; Ed and Jamison will serve.

Treasurer report

  • $1,700 made at All Star Review.
  • Active balance of approximately $2,600.
  • Glassmen Alumni Ensemble funds remain in our account
  • Liz has made all financial documentation available to board members.
  • Liz is researching a new bank that will not charge fees and provide a debit card for future expenses. She will consult with PNC bank.
  • Looking into online companies, i.e. PayPal and AmazonSmile, and researching additional resources for no fee/low fee options.

Secretary/social media report (presented for Jenny by Kyle)

  • Working with Kim on social media and website projects
  • Meeting availability reviewed, with results similar to past report. 
  • Collecting and scanning documents for website content.

Fundraising report

  • DCI gave positive feedback for All Star Review regarding smooth process, organization and professionalism of volunteers.
  • Signup Genius system worked well for the event; overbooked with volunteers, with 18 in total.
  • Dawn discussed need to establish a business plan to begin pursuing donors and capital.
  • Dawn will meet with Tom Sink to discuss past events and documentation.
  • Dan Acheson of DCI will provide us with expectations for moving forward (likely after DCI finals)
  • Seeking information on corps jackets. Many members paid for jackets but did not receive them. Company that handled Glassmen account may have gone out of business.

Historian report

  • Kyle is working with Jenny to collect photos and documents for the alumni website.

Liaison report

  • Alumni from all generations came to the tent. Older alumni seem to be strongly supporting and rallying behind efforts to start a performance ensemble.
  • Kim and Erin will work to locate active alumni marching or teaching in DCI and WGI and create an Excel document. Will contact Adam Schrock, former Glassmen drum major.
  • Carol Dewan has donated 50-100 cookbooks for us to sell, which are in Janet’s possession. Erin will meet with her to pick them up. Books will be sold through GAA website.

Events report

  • Chris reported on planning for ongoing events. Pursuing new events such as happy hours.
  • Discussion of DCI alumni after party. Ed, Liz, Erin, Kim, Mike and Dawn will attend finals. Chris will begin process of finding meetup spots for Friday and Saturday and will work with Ed, Erin and Mike.


  • Voted 7-0 to approve last meetings minutes.
  • Voted 7-0 to spend $150 on flowers for Sandra Clark, due to her longstanding service with the corps (amended from $100).
  • Voted 9-0 to reimburse Liz for expenses for storage and CorpsData ($699 for 6 months of storage unit, 3 months of CorpsData).
  • Voted 7-0-2 to change secretary position to Erin Car based on her availability for meetings. Erin and Kyle abstained.

Next meeting will be 8 p.m. Sunday, August 10, via Skype.

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