Aug 092014

The Glassmen Alumni Association Board of Directors would like to extend our gratitude to our dedicated Glassmen volunteers.

20130208-205604.jpgLast year, two longtime Glassmen volunteers, Carol Dewan and Tina Jameson, assembled a cookbook of corps recipes with the help of several contributors. These recipes will not only offer alumni, staff and volunteers a nostalgic keepsake; they’ll also contribute to drum corps and other organizations that need to feed a large group on a tight budget.

Carol and Tina have graciously donated the last batch of cookbooks for the GAA to sell. Sales of these books will contribute to our expenses, such as storing our treasured Glassmen memorabilia and purchasing merchandise to sell to alumni and fans.

If you missed buying one on the first round, stay tuned. They’ll be available for sale online soon. Don’t miss this chance to get your very own Glassmen Drum & Bugle Corps cookbook, made with love from our volunteers.

Jul 082014

I would like to take a moment of your time to update you on a few financial developments with Glassmen Alumni Association.

First, I am thrilled to announce that we raised $1,710.68 at the All Star Review, on June 22nd. This amount includes funds raised from the 50/50 Raffle, Alumni Swag Sales, Straight Donations, and a donation from DCI for providing amazing volunteers. We had a great time at the show, and thank you to everyone who gave their time to help. It was wonderful to see so many Glassmen Family members together in one place again.

Second, we have now raised enough money to keep our memorabilia in storage for at least 2 full years. These funds will allow us to keep our historical items together & safe until we figure out the next step. This is an important achievement, and we thank everyone who helped us reach this goal.

Third, the Administrators of CorpData have graciously waived their fees for us. This means that the Glassmen data will remain active in their database, but we do not have to pay for it. We will be able to contact you via email by using their database, so please keep your CorpsData account updated with your contact information.

Finally, it was announced about a month ago, but if you haven’t heard… the Glassmen Alumni Association is now officially a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization! This was a very long process with the IRS, but it’s finally complete and it’s a HUGE step for us as an organization. All donations are now tax-deductible, and we can begin major fundraising.

Please keep an eye on the Glassmen Alumni Association & Glassmen Experience Facebook pages for upcoming information & events. Information & Alumni merchandise can also be found on our websites at &

If you have any questions or concerns about the financial aspects of the Glassmen Alumni Association, please feel free to contact me directly. You can reach me on Facebook, or you may email me at

Thank You so much for all of your continued support. If we work together, we can achieve anything.

Liz Von Allmen, GAA Treasurer

May 262014

Looking for another free way to help the Glassmen Alumni Association raise funds?

Every time you shop at any of the 1,000+ online stores in the iGive network, a portion of the money you spend benefits the Glassmen Alumni Association. It’s a free service, and you’ll never pay more when you reach a store through iGive. In fact, smart shoppers will enjoy iGive’s repository of coupons, free shipping deals, and sales. To get started, just create your free iGive account.

Start Shopping Today!

May 162014

timedonationHave you ever wondered how you can help without having to dig into your wallet?

Maybe you WANT to give back, but are strapped for cash at the moment.

Do you miss those people you use to march, volunteer or teach with, and wish you could see them again?

What a great time to reconnect with your past by volunteering to help the Glassmen Alumni Association at the All Star Review on June 22, 2014, at Bowling Green State University. While we can’t guarantee you’ll have time to watch any performances, we can offer you a chance to reconnect with friends and family of your past while helping DCI present an awesome show.

Sign up for a specific job today! DCI has agreed to provide us with a generous donation toward our storage fees, which will go a long way toward helping us keep our historical items safe.

Stay tuned for details on an after-show party! (We must be able to fully staff the show before we can plan this event.)

May 152014

G-WestAs you may already know, the Glassmen Alumni Association is renting a storage unit holding a significant amount of memorabilia donated by the Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps.

Storage is roughly $75 per month, plus we have several measures that need to be taken in the future for safely storing items long term. Please visit our Glassmen Experience website to view items we are selling to help offset this monthly cost.

For $25, you can purchase an 8×10 print of the watercolor painting of G-West that alumni parent Dianna Porter created for our alumni auction. This beautiful print provides a nice keepsake of the Glassmen, while helping the Glassmen Alumni Association maintain the archives. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Nov 292013

It is with heavy hearts that we report that the Glassmen Drum & Bugle Corps Board of Directors has filed for bankruptcy protection. We, the Glassmen Alumni Association Board of Directors, support their decision and feel that it was a necessary step to manage the corps’ debt.

We would like all of the alumni, volunteers and fans to know that this action will not deter us from our mission to preserve the history of our corps, and ensure the continued legacy of our corps within the drum corps community. We would like to share with you some of the steps we are taking.

The Glassmen Alumni Association, which was formed a year ago and was incorporated in Ohio in December, has filed to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. This will open up many more opportunities for the future of our organization, which include the ability to accept donations, available as a tax write-off.

The Alumni board has worked with the Glassmen Board of Directors to secure our archives and other historical memorabilia. We have taken possession of these items and intend to store and preserve them.

We will continue planning events and other activities through our Alumni Ambassadors, for alumni and all of our extended Glassmen family.

We feel that continuing these efforts will be beneficial to the Glassmen legacy, as well as helping our work toward once again having an active junior drum and bugle corps on the field.

We have formed an exploratory committee and will be reaching out to others who have expressed interest in helping us as we begin the process of bringing back the Experience of a Lifetime in the form of a new drum & bugle corps. You can expect more information and opportunities to help with this endeavor as we move forward.

We will soon launch our new website,, which will serve as a site for all Glassmen family members to meet, exchange ideas, and continue the legacy. You can keep up to date with our efforts now via Facebook. To connect with Glassmen alumni, staff, volunteers and fans, join our Facebook group at To get updates in your newsfeed, follow our Facebook page at

Although this is a sad time, work is already well underway to bring back the music and pageantry that is the Glassmen Experience. Our goal will remain to support the past Glassmen performers and keep continuing our Legacy at the forefront of everything we do.

Please do not hesitate to contact members of our board. Visit for our contact information.

Please look for an invitation to join us for an open informational meeting to be scheduled in the coming weeks.

Jamison Eige, President
on behalf of the Glassmen Alumni Association Board of Directors

Download a PDF of this announcement

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Oct 062013

With the recent discussions on Facebook and throughout the online drum corps community, we would like to share with our alumni constituents some of the information we’ve recently been able to extract from the Glassmen Board of Directors and steps we’ve taken.

In our first year as an alumni association, we’ve been overwhelmed with the support we’ve received in our endeavors. Even those who cannot give money or participate in person are constantly giving us feedback, generating ideas, and in general keeping the Glassmen name alive by sharing our collective history and connecting across generations of alumni. The way all of you have begun to fulfill the initial vision of the Glassmen Alumni Association has been outstanding. Because of this support, we have taken another step forward and submitted our paperwork to file for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. This will allow us to continue to operate in an independent capacity as an organization.

The Glassmen Board of Directors has informed us that they intend to address alumni, volunteers and supporters soon with updates. Despite the frustration with a lack of communication from the board, which we share with you, we advise alumni to avoid reacting to rumors and hearsay and instead wait for information from official Glassmen sources. At this time we can only speculate as to what the future of the Glassmen Junior Drum & Bugle Corps will bring, but we have discussed the various options at length. Regardless of the outcome, we plan to preserve the Glassmen experience for future performers. Please be assured that even in the worst-case scenario, we have spent the past year preparing to implement a contingency plan.

In the meantime, we are all available by e-mail or Facebook if you have questions for us or simply wish to chat about recent events. We will also continue to post recaps of our meetings online at

Please stay tuned for information about our new all-inclusive online space for Glassmen supporters at

Thank you,

The Glassmen Alumni Association Board of Directors

Jamison Eige (’88-91), President

Kyle Snavely (’98-’02), Vice President

Liz Von Allmen (’95-’97) Treasurer

Brian Clark (’86-’88), Secretary

Erin Carr (’96-00), Corps Liaison

Dawn Studebaker (’90-94), Fundraising

Jenny Tilley (’01-02), Communications

Chris Ortleib (’98-99), Historian

Kim Nash (’97-99), Events

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Aug 112013

The Glassmen Alumni Association would like to congratulate all of the former Glassmen who performed with other groups at 2013 DCI Finals. We also would like to thank the 2013 Glassmen Alumni Ensemble for their SoundSport performance outside the stadium.

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Jul 302013

The Glassmen Alumni Ensemble has been invited to perform as the opening act for DCI’s SoundSport competition taking place at Lucas Oil Stadium prior to World Class Finals. Here’s some information about the performance and the preparations and rehearsals taking place prior to the performance. Be sure to check this page for updates as the performance gets closer.

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